Eileen B’s story

The daughter of a stockbroker, Eileen B enjoyed a privileged background. Her household even employed a lady’s companion for the benefit of her and her sister when they were young women.

As a teenager she showed considerable musical talent, studying violin at the Blackheath Conservatoire of Music, and winning a free scholarship to that institution and their highest award, the Carrodus Medal, at the age of 15.

She later studied under Professor August Wilheling (a German conductor of international renown in the later 19th century), who reputedly had a high opinion of her talent, and she regularly played in charity concerts to great success.

She married a major’s son – then working as a clerk – as the Edwardian age ended, but did not include her musicianship as a profession on her marriage certificate. Her husband does not appear to have been involved to any great extent in the First World War, and they raised a girl and two boys on the outskirts of London. Her musical talent does not appear to have been mentioned ever again.

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